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              產品簡介:產品概述 Product overviewGGD 型交流低壓配電柜適用于發電廠、變電站、工礦企業等電力用戶的交流 50Hz,額定工作電壓 380V,額定工作電流 5000A 的配電系統,做為動力、照明及配電設備的電能轉換、分配與控制之用。產品具有分斷能力高、動熱穩定性好、電氣方案靈活、 組合方便、實用性強, 結構新穎、防護等級高等特點。可作為低壓成套開關設備的更新換代產品使用。GGD 型交流低壓配電柜符合 IEC439《低壓成套開關設備和控制設備》,GB7251《低壓成套開關設備》等標準。GGD type AC low voltage distribution cabinet is suita …


              產品概述 Product overview 

              GGD 型交流低壓配電柜適用于發電廠、變電站、工礦企業等電力用戶的交流 50Hz,額定工作電壓 380V,額定工作電流 5000A 的配電系統,做為動力、照明及配電設備的電能轉換、分配與控制之用。 

              產品具有分斷能力高、動熱穩定性好、電氣方案靈活、 組合方便、實用性強, 結構新穎、防護等級高等特點。可作為低壓成套開關設備的更新換代產品使用。 

              GGD 型交流低壓配電柜符合 IEC439《低壓成套開關設備和控制設備》,GB7251《低壓成套開關設備》等標準。 

              GGD type AC low voltage distribution cabinet is suitable for power distribution systems with 50Hz AC, 380V rated working voltage and 5000A rated working current for power plants, substations, industrial and mining enterprises and other power users. it is used for power conversion, distribution and control of power, lighting and distribution equipment. 

              The product has the characteristics of high breaking capacity, good dynamic thermal stability, flexible electrical scheme, convenient combination, strong practicability, novel structure, high protection level, etc. It can be used as a replacement for low-voltage switchgear. 

              GGD type AC low-voltage power distribution cabinet complies with IEC439 《low-voltage complete switchgear and control equipment》 and GB7251 《low-voltage complete switchgear》 and other standards. 


              正常使用環境 Normal operating environment

              ◇ 周圍空氣溫度不高于 +40℃,不低于 -5℃。24h 以內的平均溫度不得高于 +35℃。 

              ◇ 戶內安裝使用,使用地點的海拔高度不得超過 2000m。 

              ◇ 周圍空氣相對濕度在較高溫度為 +40℃時不超過 50%,在較低溫度時允許有較大的相對濕度。( 例如 +20℃時為 90% ) 應考慮到由于溫度變化可能會偶然產生凝露的影響。 

              ◇ 設備安裝時與垂直面的傾斜度不超過 5°。 

              ◇ 設備應安裝在無劇烈震動和沖擊的地方,以及不足以使電器元件受到腐蝕的場所。 

              ◇ 用戶有特別要求時與制造廠協商解決。 

              ◇ Ambient air temperature is not higher than +40℃ and not lower than -5℃ . The average temperature within 24 hours shall not be higher than+35℃ . 

              ◇ For indoor installation and use, the altitude of the place of use shall not exceed 2000m m. 

              ◇ The relative humidity of ambient air shall not exceed 50% at the highest temperature of +40℃ , and a larger relative humidity is allowed at the lower temperature. (for example, 90% at +20℃ ) consideration should be given to the effect that condensation may occasionally occur due to temperature changes. 

              ◇ When the equipment is installed, the inclination to the vertical plane shall not exceed 5. 

              ◇ The equipment shall be installed in places free from severe vibration and impact, and places insufficient to corrode electrical components. 

              ◇ When users have special requirements, negotiate with the manufacturer to solve them.