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              產品簡介:產品概述 Product overviewZLLX-AC 光伏交流匯流箱是適用于光伏組串式發電系統中,承接組串式逆變器與交流配電柜或升壓變壓器的重要組成部分,此匯流箱的進線采用斷路器輸入,輸出采用斷路器或負荷隔離開關,母線匯流后采用二級防雷保護,系統額定電壓最高為 AC690V.防護等級與組串式逆變器同級為 IP65.達到室外安裝的要求,滿足防水,防塵、防紫外線,防鹽霧腐蝕等。該產品大大簡化了組串式逆變器與交流配電柜或升壓變壓器之間的接線,此產品內部結構簡潔明了,布線整齊合理。可靠性高,維護簡單。戶外壁掛式安裝,能適應各種惡劣環境。除了標準材質和尺寸外,可按用戶要求定制。ZLLX-AC pho …


              產品概述 Product overview

              ZLLX-AC 光伏交流匯流箱是適用于光伏組串式發電系統中,承接組串式逆變器與交流配電柜或升壓變壓器的重要組成部分,此匯流箱的進線采用斷路器輸入,輸出采用斷路器或負荷隔離開關,母線匯流后采用二級防雷保護,系統額定電壓最高為 AC690V.防護等級與組串式逆變器同級為 IP65.達到室外安裝的要求,滿足防水,防塵、防紫外線,防鹽霧腐蝕等。 


              ZLLX-AC photovoltaic AC bus box is an important component that is suitable for photovoltaic series-connected power generation system. It receives series-connected inverter and AC power distribution cabinet or step-up transformer. The incoming line of the bus box adopts circuit breaker input, and the output adopts circuit breaker or load isolating switch. After bus convergence, secondary lightning protection is adopted. The rated voltage of the system is up to AC 690V. The protection level is IP65.at the same level as the series-connected inverter. It meets the requirements of outdoor installation and meets the requirements of waterproof, dustproof, ultraviolet protection, salt fog corrosion protection, etc. This product greatly simplifies the wiring between the series inverter and AC distribution cabinet or step-up transformer. The internal structure of this product is simple 

              and clear, and the wiring is neat and reasonable. High reliability and simple maintenance. Outdoor wall-mounted installation can adapt to various harsh environments. In addition to standard materials and sizes, it can be customized according to user requirements.


              功能特點 Functional characteristics

              交流匯流箱防護等級達到 IP65,能滿足室外安裝要求的壁掛式密封型機柜: 

              滿足同時接人多路組申式逆變器,每路進線采用熱磁式斷路器進行保護,額定電壓達到 AC690V: 

              采用專用高壓防雷器能滿足三相之間的過壓及防雷保護,工作電壓達到 AC480V 以上: 



              The protection grade of AC junction box reaches IP65, and the wall-mounted sealed cabinet can meet the outdoor installation requirements: 

              Meet the requirements of simultaneous connection of multi-channel group application inverters. Each route is protected by thermo-magnetic circuit breaker, with rated voltage reaching AC690V: 

              Using special high voltage lightning protector can meet the overvoltage and lightning protection between three phases, and the working voltage can reach above AC480V: 

              All buses in the box are connected by electroplating or purified buses to reduce bus internal resistance and connection points. 

              Output adopts circuit breaker, load isolating switch or fuse output.